Kreston NNC (formerly Nam Nguyen Consulting or NNC) is a consulting firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, founded in 2017 by Mr Nam Nguyen, a former Partner of Big-4 firms (EY, KPMG and PwC) with over 25 years of Vietnam experience.  We are a member of Kreston Global (, a global network of independent accounting firms which comprises of over 170 firms in over 120 countries, employing over 22,000 talented professionals.

Peopled by a team of high-calibre professionals, we provide a wide range of non-audit professional services which ensures that we are truly independent and free from time-consuming auditor’s conflict checks and service disruption due to auditor’s rotation.  We focus on market entry, customs, immigration, taxation, management consulting, government, liaison and advocacy, M&A, corporate finance, outsourcing and other corporate services.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we apply the best global professional service standards and practices to build the platform of our unwavering commitments to quality and excellence.  We marry in-depth knowledge of the local regulatory systems, business culture and environment, and best practices to the competencies of our highly credentialed people to deliver only advice that is in the best interest of our clients.  We combine expertise with empathy better than any other professional service firm as we know the local regulations, practice, and business culture inside out.

We are able to offer the very best advice there is. Our clients are testaments to our expertise and service quality.  Many of them can be instantly recognised as world-class companies and leaders in their field. They choose us because the best must be serviced by the best, and because we service them like no others.  We go beyond the traditional accountant’s role to mentor and advise them through thick and thin – wherever their ambitions take them. 

We believe in a mutually beneficial relationship and work beyond stewardship toward partnering relationship with clients, to ensure the success of both clients and our firm.  We aim beyond service satisfaction to win client’s loyalty.  Clients do not really think of us as one of those traditional accounting firms.  They think of us as their long-term and trusted advisors in modern time, because we do not just provide services – we also deliver value and guide them through professional challenges to enable them to achieve both business and personal goals.

We are a progressive professional service firm capable of meeting clients’ demands of seamless professional service quality in Vietnam’s fast-growing market.  We believe that our success is contingent on providing clients with the only best, seamless and consistent professional service quality by adopting a personalised, practical and proactive approach, which is built around our fundamental philosophy that clients’ interest comes first.  It is how we make a difference.

Our expertise – We specialise in the following areas:

  • Market entry, customs, immigration and taxation
  • Management consulting and corporate governance
  • Government liaison and advocacy
  • Corporate finance and M&A
  • Outsourcing and other corporate services

Our clients

Our clients range from a start-up business to large local corporations and MNCs, which do business in a wide range of industries in Vietnam, such as e-commerce, professional services, manufacturing, logistics, trading & distribution, pharmaceutical, health, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, petroleum, renewable energy etc.  Several of them can be instantly recognised by their name or brands as world-class companies or local industry leaders.

Our value propositions

  • Independence  – We act objectively and in the best interest of clients.
  • Topnotch advice – We aim to be the benchmark and standard that others look up to.
  • Seniority attention and responsiveness – Every client deserves our best possible seniority attention and speed of response.
  • Relationship – We focus on effective work relationships that deliver values and mutual benefits.  We work beyond stewardship toward partnering relationship with clients.
  • Value-for-money – We put clients’ interest first.  We know that as we look after our clients’ interest well, they will look after our interest.

 Why select us?

  • We think globally and act locally – Your business is special and unique.  No one else shares your history or your dreams for the future.  Sound advice from a local firm can serve your business more effectively with its in-depth understanding and hands-on experience of the local regulation, practice and business culture.  In addition, our membership with Kreston Global draws on the wealth of international knowledge and skills to give the very best advice there is that your business needs.
  • We know the right approachOur approach focuses on building a close partnering relationship with clients.  We achieve this by working closely with clients to win trust – the foundation our branding philosophy.  The latin word “Kreston” means trust.  People do business with the people they trust.  Trust is fundamental to our success and it encompasses the notion of “Knowing you”.  At Kreston NNC, we don’t just know accounting. We don’t just know consultancy.  We know what really drives you.  We know that you care about the long-term sustainability of your business.  We know you need someone you can trust and count on.  We know where you want to go.  And we know how to help you get there.  And when appropriate, we do so without even having to be asked.  It is how we make a difference.
  • We know the local business environment inside out and can deliver effective adviceOur team has extensive local and international experience.  With their extensive industry experience, they know the local regulation and practice inside out.  They know the opportunities and the challenges facing your business and can deliver effective advice.  This is obvious because no one can really deal with your business issues better than those whom themselves have succeeded in dealing with the same issues.
  • We deliver value, not just services  – We know that to get the most for our clients we need to deliver more than just a service – we need to deliver value and targeted results. Our professionals are unique in their capacity to marry practical industry experience with to daily work to provide clients with practical, cost effective and real value-adding advice.

Our team’s extensive practical experience helps us to draw on our accumulated knowledge to deal with the current and future issues of your business and reach your goals.  Indeed, our approach is built around helping clients achieve their goals. 

Our mission

Our mission is to become a leading professional service firm in Vietnam that delivers best value-for-money to businesses.

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